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Maria Fishback1

F, b. 19 October 1834
Maria Fishback|b. 19 Oct 1834|p518.htm#i15514|Charles Fishback|b. 11 Feb 1783\nd. 15 Apr 1841|p502.htm#i15045|Elizabeth Cosby Overton|b. c 1787|p507.htm#i15182|Jacob Fishback|b. 14 Apr 1749\nd. 15 Sep 1821|p503.htm#i15075|Phoebe Morgan|b. 13 Sep 1751\nd. 16 Aug 1837|p448.htm#i13439|||||||
     Maria Fishback was born on 19 October 1834 at Kentucky. She was the daughter of Charles Fishback and Elizabeth Cosby Overton.


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Tim Hall

     Tim Hall married Callie Caraway, daughter of Paul Caraway and Mildred Ruth Doan.

Bryan Branson

Bryan Branson||p518.htm#i15525|Benjamin Leaton Branson|b. 7 Oct 1850|p606.htm#i18159|Kate Davis||p420.htm#i12591|Thomas A. Branson|b. Feb 1798\nd. 21 Oct 1864|p50.htm#i1499|Louisa C. Cole|b. c 1818\nd. 5 Jul 1865|p50.htm#i1500|||||||
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     Bryan Branson is the son of Benjamin Leaton Branson and Kate Davis.