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Eli Branson

Eli Branson||p530.htm#i15881|John Branson|b. 12 Jan 1764\nd. 1845|p51.htm#i1501|Sarah Jones|b. c 1766|p51.htm#i1502|Eli Branson|b. 1734\nd. c 1797|p606.htm#i18160|Mrs. K. Huff|b. c 1738\nd. b Mar 1797|p606.htm#i18161|||||||
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     Eli Branson was born at South Carolina. He was the son of John Branson and Sarah Jones. Eli Branson died at Fulton County.

Johann Haeger1

M, b. circa 1560, d. circa 1640
Johann Haeger|b. c 1560\nd. c 1640|p530.htm#i15889|Johann Haeger|b. c 1500\nd. c 1566|p457.htm#i13709||||||||||||||||
     Johann Haeger was born circa 1560 at Caan & Marienborn, Germany. He was the son of Johann Haeger. Johann Haeger married Mrs. Johan Haeger. Johann Haeger died circa 1640 at Antzhausen, Germany.

Child of Johann Haeger and Mrs. Johan Haeger


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