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JoAnn Uhl

JoAnn Uhl||p542.htm#i16233|Frank Uhl||p599.htm#i17944||||Leslie B. Uhl|b. 27 Nov 1880|p606.htm#i18156|Lula Jennings|b. 24 Jan 1882|p548.htm#i16440|||||||
Descendant Chart for Johann Valentine Uhl
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     JoAnn Uhl is the daughter of Frank Uhl. JoAnn Uhl married (?) Ream.

William David Lacy

M, b. 25 June 1845, d. 16 March 1917
William David Lacy|b. 25 Jun 1845\nd. 16 Mar 1917|p542.htm#i16236|Charles Christian Lacy|b. 31 Mar 1816\nd. 11 Nov 1870|p379.htm#i11359|Sarah Elizabeth Brown|b. 14 Nov 1822\nd. 13 Feb 1905|p379.htm#i11360|Walter J. Lacy|b. 20 Sep 1779\nd. 22 Jul 1833|p516.htm#i15469|Sarah E. Clarke|b. 21 Sep 1788\nd. 11 Apr 1822|p578.htm#i17336|||||||
     William David Lacy was born on 25 June 1845 at Mason County, Kentucky. He was the son of Charles Christian Lacy and Sarah Elizabeth Brown. William David Lacy died on 16 March 1917 at Waco, McLennan County, Texas, at age 71.

Anna Catherine Fischbach1

F, b. Or:1714/00/00-1715/00/00, d. Or:1775/00/00-1789/00/00
Anna Catherine Fischbach|b. Or:1714/00/00-1715/00/00\nd. Or:1775/00/00-1789/00/00|p542.htm#i16238|Johannes John Fischbach|b. c 1704\nd. 11 Mar 1733|p450.htm#i13496|Agnes Haeger|b. 26 Oct 1697\nd. 1725|p510.htm#i15287|Philipp Fischbach|b. 3 Apr 1661\nd. 1715|p474.htm#i14214|Elizabeth Heimbach|b. 1662\nd. 30 May 1683|p541.htm#i16211|Rev. Johann H. Haeger|b. 25 Sep 1644\nd. 1737|p458.htm#i13735|Anna C. Friesenhagen|b. 24 May 1663\nd. a 1737|p537.htm#i16109|
     Anna Catherine Fischbach was born Or:1714/00/00-1715/00/00 at Germanna, Orange County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Johannes John Fischbach and Agnes Haeger. Anna Catherine Fischbach died Or:1775/00/00-1789/00/00 at Rectortown, Fauquier County, Virginia. She was buried in 1775 at Rectortown Dutch Reformed Church Cem, Rectortown, Fauquier County, Virginia.


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D.D. Leech

Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     D.D. Leech married Rebecca H. Branson, daughter of Thomas A. Branson and Eleanor Thomas, on 2 November 1865 at Dallas County, Texas.
     D.D. Leech Was a Reverend.

Child of D.D. Leech and Rebecca H. Branson

Barton Beck

Barton Beck||p542.htm#i16242|Robert Marion Beck|b. 28 Feb 1932|p25.htm#i744|Frances (?)||p519.htm#i15562|Marion P. Beck|b. 27 Jul 1887\nd. 9 Jun 1955|p7.htm#i189|Nancy A. Gayler|b. 31 Dec 1894\nd. 7 Jun 1976|p6.htm#i158|||||||
Descendant Chart for John Cannada Gayler
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Descendant Chart for John Isbell
Descendant Chart for Albert D. Blackwell
     Barton Beck is the son of Robert Marion Beck and Frances (?).

Johann Beer1

M, b. circa 1567
Johann Beer|b. c 1567|p542.htm#i16243|Goebel Beer|b. Or:1535/00/00-1540/00/00\nd. 1597|p471.htm#i14111|Mrs. Goebel Beer|b. c 1545|p482.htm#i14436|(?) Beer|b. c 1515|p508.htm#i15239||||||||||
     Johann Beer was born circa 1567 at Seelbach, Westfalen, Germany. He was the son of Goebel Beer and Mrs. Goebel Beer. Johann Beer died at Klafeld, Nassau-Siegen, Germany.


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Miss Otterbach1

F, b. 1616, d. before 1656
Miss Otterbach|b. 1616\nd. b 1656|p542.htm#i16254|Johannes Otterbach|b. 1590\nd. 1624|p558.htm#i16715|Tilge Or Dielge Or Ottilia Schneider|b. 1600\nd. a 1656|p501.htm#i15015|Johannes Otterbach|b. Or:1550/00/00-1560/00/00\nd. b 1599|p516.htm#i15451|Demut (?)|b. 1553\nd. a 1625|p458.htm#i13714|Hermann Schneider|b. c 1574|p446.htm#i13364||||
     Miss Otterbach was born in 1616 at Nassau-Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia. She was the daughter of Johannes Otterbach and Tilge Or Dielge Or Ottilia Schneider. Miss Otterbach died before 1656 at Nassau-Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia.


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