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Stephen Earl Lash

     Stephen Earl Lash married Pamela Mae Bagley, daughter of Melvyn George Bagley and Georgia Fay McAda, on 19 October 1990 at First Baptist Church, Pampa, Gray County, Texas.

Robert Morgan1

M, b. circa 1688
Robert Morgan|b. c 1688|p578.htm#i17313|Anthony Morgan|b. c 1654\nd. c 1687|p502.htm#i15055|Elizabeth Morgan|b. c 1658\nd. a 1704|p546.htm#i16351|William Morgan|b. c 1594|p521.htm#i15615|Sibil (?)|b. c 1599\nd. 18 Jul 1624|p484.htm#i14508|||||||
     Robert Morgan was born circa 1688 at Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia. He was the son of Anthony Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan.


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Henrich Heimbach1

M, b. 18 October 1654
Henrich Heimbach|b. 18 Oct 1654|p578.htm#i17320|Johannes II Heimbach|b. 23 May 1632\nd. Or:1662/00/00-1683/00/00|p458.htm#i13720|Clara Jung|b. 1630|p512.htm#i15342|Johannes Heimbach||p551.htm#i16515|Elisabeth (?)|b. c 1590|p577.htm#i17302|Hermannus Jung|b. c 1590|p566.htm#i16971|Agnes (?)|b. c 1590|p578.htm#i17339|
     Henrich Heimbach was born on 18 October 1654 at Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia. He was christened on 1 October 1654 at Trupbach, Germany. He was the son of Johannes II Heimbach and Clara Jung.


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Raymond Uhl

M, b. 26 October 1907
Raymond Uhl|b. 26 Oct 1907|p578.htm#i17331|Leslie Branson Uhl|b. 27 Nov 1880|p606.htm#i18156|Lula Jennings|b. 24 Jan 1882|p548.htm#i16440|Samuel Uhl|b. 2 Nov 1832|p605.htm#i18144|Eleanor F. Branson|b. 10 Mar 1842\nd. 12 Sep 1907|p445.htm#i13336|||||||
Descendant Chart for Johann Valentine Uhl
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     Raymond Uhl was born on 26 October 1907 at Llano, Llano County, Texas. He was the son of Leslie Branson Uhl and Lula Jennings.

Isacc Newton Gill

M, b. 21 January 1875, d. 18 November 1960
     Isacc Newton Gill was born on 21 January 1875 at Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas. He married Laura Frances Brooks on 6 January 1897 at Kentucky. Isacc Newton Gill died on 18 November 1960 at Hutchinson County, Texas, at age 85.

Children of Isacc Newton Gill and Laura Frances Brooks

Pam Hensley

Pam Hensley||p578.htm#i17334|Unknown Hensley||p521.htm#i15619|Jan Oliver||p536.htm#i16076|||||||Cecil Oliver||p585.htm#i17523|Mary N. Tandy|b. 27 Jan 1927\nd. 1973|p25.htm#i729|
Descendant Chart for John Cannada Gayler
Descendant Chart for John Bagley
Descendant Chart for John Isbell
Descendant Chart for Albert D. Blackwell
     Pam Hensley is the daughter of Unknown Hensley and Jan Oliver. Pam Hensley married Unknown Stanley.

Sarah Elizabeth Clarke

F, b. 21 September 1788, d. 11 April 1822
Sarah Elizabeth Clarke|b. 21 Sep 1788\nd. 11 Apr 1822|p578.htm#i17336|Benjamin Clarke||p519.htm#i15548|Sarah Jones||p573.htm#i17172|||||||||||||
     Sarah Elizabeth Clarke was born on 21 September 1788 at Albemarle County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Benjamin Clarke and Sarah Jones. Sarah Elizabeth Clarke married Walter Jones Lacy, son of Benjamin Lacy and Judith Christian. Sarah Elizabeth Clarke died on 11 April 1822 at Mayes Lick, Mason County, Kentucky, at age 33.
     Her married name was Lacy.

Child of Sarah Elizabeth Clarke and Walter Jones Lacy

Hermann Heimbach1

M, b. 1 June 1636
Hermann Heimbach|b. 1 Jun 1636|p578.htm#i17337|Georg Jurgs Heinbach|b. 1605\nd. 11 May 1672|p499.htm#i14951|Elizabeth Niess|b. 1608\nd. 1665|p559.htm#i16763|Johann Heimbach|b. Or:1580/00/00-1585/00/00\nd. Jul 1666|p562.htm#i16849|Anna Seelbach|b. c 1583\nd. b 1638|p472.htm#i14140|Johann Neiss|b. c 1580\nd. c 1640|p513.htm#i15386||||
     Hermann Heimbach was born on 1 June 1636 at Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia. He was christened on 1 June 1636 at Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia. He was the son of Georg Jurgs Heinbach and Elizabeth Niess.


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Agnes (?)1

F, b. circa 1590
     Agnes (?) was born circa 1590 at Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia. She married Hermannus Jung before 1630 at Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia.
     As of before 1630,her married name was Jung.

Child of Agnes (?) and Hermannus Jung


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