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Elizabeth Dickey

F, b. 1834
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     Elizabeth Dickey was born in 1834 at Tennessee. She married B.B. Branson, son of William Branson and Sallie M. Graves, in 1854 at Oregon.
     As of 1854,her married name was Branson.

Child of Elizabeth Dickey and B.B. Branson

Frederick Fishback1

M, b. circa 1759, d. Or:1782/00/00-1785/00/00
Frederick Fishback|b. c 1759\nd. Or:1782/00/00-1785/00/00|p579.htm#i17355|John Frederick Fishbach|b. 1716\nd. 20 Sep 1782|p536.htm#i16071|Ann Elizabeth Holtzclaw|b. Or:1715/00/00-1725/00/00\nd. Or:1751/00/00-1759/00/00|p451.htm#i13523|Johannes J. Fischbach|b. c 1704\nd. 11 Mar 1733|p450.htm#i13496|Agnes Haeger|b. 26 Oct 1697\nd. 1725|p510.htm#i15287|Hans J. Holtzclau|b. 1683\nd. Jan 1760|p502.htm#i15041|Anna M. Otterbach|b. Or:1685/00/00-1686/00/00\nd. Or:1724/00/00-1729/00/00|p540.htm#i16182|
     Frederick Fishback was born circa 1759 at Fauquier County, Virginia. He was the son of John Frederick Fishbach and Ann Elizabeth Holtzclaw. Frederick Fishback died Or:1782/00/00-1785/00/00.


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Chug Hammons

     Chug Hammons married Sonya Oliver, daughter of Cecil Oliver and Mary Nan Tandy.

Johann Fischbach1

M, b. 1648
Johann Fischbach|b. 1648|p579.htm#i17368|Johannes Fischbach|b. Or:1600/00/00-1605/00/00\nd. Or:1671/00/00-1672/00/00|p520.htm#i15597|Liess Elizabeth Fischbach|b. Or:1600/00/00-1605/00/00\nd. a 1631|p461.htm#i13813|Wilhelm Fischbach|b. Or:1560/00/00-1580/00/00\nd. a 1630|p471.htm#i14120|Mrs. W. Fishback|b. c 1582|p469.htm#i14048|||||||
     Johann Fischbach was born in 1648 at Trupbach, W. Phalia, Germany. He was christened in 1648 at Trupbach, Nassau-Seigen, Germany; 22 Sun Aft Trini. He was the son of Johannes Fischbach and Liess Elizabeth Fischbach.


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