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May Eleanor Uhl

F, b. 22 January 1912, d. 11 January 2000
May Eleanor Uhl|b. 22 Jan 1912\nd. 11 Jan 2000|p582.htm#i17436|Charles South Uhl|b. 21 Feb 1872\nd. 31 Dec 1945|p606.htm#i18154|Emma Balch|b. 28 Mar 1877|p562.htm#i16859|Samuel Uhl|b. 2 Nov 1832|p605.htm#i18144|Eleanor F. Branson|b. 10 Mar 1842\nd. 12 Sep 1907|p445.htm#i13336|||||||
Descendant Chart for Johann Valentine Uhl
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     May Eleanor Uhl was born on 22 January 1912. She was the daughter of Charles South Uhl and Emma Balch. May Eleanor Uhl married (?) Godfrey. May Eleanor Uhl died on 11 January 2000 at Oregon at age 87.1
     Her married name was Godfrey. She appeared on the census of 6 January 1920 at Justice Precinct 5, Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.2


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Frank K. Leech

M, b. 1867
Frank K. Leech|b. 1867|p582.htm#i17446|D.D. Leech||p542.htm#i16241|Rebecca H. Branson|b. 30 Nov 1839\nd. 23 Aug 1866|p545.htm#i16327|||||||Thomas A. Branson|b. Feb 1798\nd. 21 Oct 1864|p50.htm#i1499|Eleanor Thomas|b. c 1809\nd. 24 Jan 1840|p51.htm#i1503|
Descendant Chart for Nathaniel Branson Sr.
     Frank K. Leech was born in 1867 at Dallas County, Texas. He was the son of D.D. Leech and Rebecca H. Branson.
     Frank K. Leech Mother died and he was raised by Aunt Alida Branson. He appeared on the census of 30 July 1870 at Precinct 2, Dallas County, Texas; Alida Branson Home.

Karen (?)

     Karen (?) married Clayton Sheplor, son of Gordon Gunter Sheplor and Norma Jane Tandy.